Storage divan Génova - Venecia

Extra storage, wood and design

Storage divan sicilia

Storage and 3d fabric

Storage divan calpe

Storage and design

Storage divan niza

Wood and damask

Storage divan leon

Wood and 3-d fabric

Storage divan burdeos

Diesign frames

Storage divan capri

Ventilation fabric 3d

Divan malaga

Fixed style

Nordic canapé

Duration and resistance

Canape Levante Dupen

Fixed style with 12cm height

Canapé Almería Dupen

Fixed style with 18cm height

Upholstered frame valencia

Sweat resistant

Upholstered frame dublin

Basic firmness

Upholstered frame paris

Design and quality

Elite bed

Cervical comfort

Bed moviment

Healthy sleep

Liftable bed Dupen

Effortless comfort

mattress R-66

Excellent firmness

Wooden slat frame r-64

Traditional wooden slat frame

Round legs r-7 25-30 cm

Stability and security

Square leg r-18 25-30 cm

Tradition and stability