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Dupen group has a team of 180 staff working for you, using the latest technology in manufacturing with high innovative machinery. Our goal is to continously improve our work and quality.

Dupen group

Our experience

Ever since the dupen group was born our goal is to constantly innovate, improve and adapt the latest technology to our production. We rely mainly in our quality control department to always check and improve all our products and continue to seek production improvements and find better ways to make our production line more productive.

We are in a constant evolution to develop and meet client's request. We invest in quality and technology. One fundamental for our company is our quality control department always working to improve the quality of our products and our production.

We are proud that over the years we can now reach a daily production of 1,000 mattresses per day, with the best production standards and best quality.

Due to our long experience, we have achieved success and great results in our production progress, however we always strive for better results and will always continue to improve and innovate as we have done throughout all the years.

Dupen group experience
Dupen group experience

Company's history

Duart family We are proud of our slogan "making dreams come true" which dates back to when the factory was started by mr. Enrique Duart in 1966. Over 50 years working every day to make sure that our clients enjoy a good night sleep. After all this time mr. Duart continues to be

The president of the company and he is there making sure that the essence, tradition and old values are maintained by the other members of the family, who today are managing the company. Everyone working together to achieve the same dreams and goals.

Everyone working together to achieve the same dreams and goals.

Since our beginning in 1966, our team and facilities area have been growing and we have adapted to all the changes in the market. Today we are selling throught out spain and exporting to over 55 countries world wide.

We would like to thank mr. Duart, the family, workers, suppliers, clients and friends for all the work and support all these years.

Dupen group

The two main factors that allows us to be able to have the capacity to offer such big range of products are:

First factor: a dedicated team of 180 professionals that work everyday with the continuous task of improving production. Each and every worker are fundamental to our company and our success.

Second factor: over 50 years of experience, constantly improving and innovating our production.

Grupo dupen has always followed the tradition and old values inspired by the founder and the group is strongly commited to supporting values and policies relating to environmental sustainability, respect for our workforce, staff, suppliers and clients. We believe in working with honesty and appreciate the trust that our partners and clients have placed on us over the years.

Our goal

Dupen's goal is to please our clients and their dreams. We manufacture products to provide healthy rest. Our clients spend many hours of the day resting in our matresses and beds and this is a big responsability.

We accept this challenge and work hard to make their dreams come true.

We deal with people's health and strive to manufacture good products that will help our clients to keep a healthy and active life. Scientific studies support the importance of healthy sleep as being fundamental for stress management and making sure that we deal with our daily life in a positive manner. We acknowledge our responsibility and our main purpose is are our clients, their health and general well being.

Dupen group factories

Facilities area

Our facilities area occupies 60,000 m2 and thus dupen becomes one of the leading manufacturers in europe specialised in all types of products for healthy sleep. We have created an industrial framework under exhaustive quality control in order to produce only best quality products, being this the main commitment we have with our clients.

Our workshops are using the latest technologies. The production of wooden slat bases are totally welded by robots being the only factory in spain using this technology. Our painting installations have the longest booths in the country and is able to paint over 2,000 different products in one shift, always with perfect finish and quality.

Dupen group facilities area- factories and warehouses


Quality is an essential reference point. Product quality is the best we can offer our clients. We are proud to extend our period of product warranties well above the periods marked by law and other manufacturers.

We are proud to have a department that constantly researching and innovating with the only goal to be able to offer the most advance lines of products with the best quality.

We are also proud to extend our period of product warranties well above the periods marked by law and other manufacturers.

One of the leading manufacturers in the country. We always emphasize to study, investigate and develop innovating materials that will improve our products and therefore the compan.


Since many years our objective is to reach 100% environmental sustainability and will continue to work day by day on this issue. We compromise with the environment and take any action necessary in order to have a better world for future generations.

The work that we are carrying out today is centered in two different areas:

Solar energy - our 60,000 m2 of facility buildings all have solar power units on the roofs. We believe in renewable energy and therefore are producing clean energy which we use for our production processes and supply also to the electrical power supply company. We take advantage of our sun as a source of renewable energy which is well available in our country.

Natural materials - in order to look after the environment we have introduced many natural and ecological products in our mattresses. We have different mattresses in our catalogue with a range of natural products that help sustain a clean environment. We are pursuing to research and introduce more of these materials. With these actions, we help to preserve our planet, we produce mattresses of higher quality and contribute to the health of our clients who sleep in a much healthier environment.

We are always researching all areas that concern environmental effects in order to keep our planet safe. We invite our clients to get involved and provide any idea which might add value to our planet and please contact us with any suggestions as this project belongs to all of us.

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